A week in the sun

It had taken us 3 and half years to work up the courage to attempt an overseas holiday with children, but the time had finally come to throw caution to the wind and jet off to sunny Greece for a much needed break.


As the plane touched down safely in Thessaloniki all the worries of losing a child at the airport, having a screaming baby strapped to you for a 3 hour flight, or not being allowed through passport control due to the poor likeness of the 6 month old baby photo compared to the reality of the 3 year old presented, were instantly forgotten.

We soon settled into a daily routine where the only decision we needed to make was whether to visit the beach, swimming pool, or play ground.


The beach provided hours of entertainment but the slight concern over sea urchins (warning signs were prominently posted at regular intervals) meant that our favourite haunt was the pool.  Or to be more accurate, the 4 pools, all of which absolutely had to be visited each day.


The discovery of the poolside drinks service which included chocolate milkshakes was a real turning point.  Our already very vocal 16 month old was quick to learn the word “chocolate” and more worryingly “mojito”! This provided the incredibly friendly staff with hours of entertainment and we often found she would be whisked off to perform for other guests and staff.  All that talking does take it out of a girl…


We were blessed with excellent weather, warm enough to enjoy to pool each day, but cool enough not to cause the girls any issues.  And the clear skies at night offered up a fantastic view of the Milky Way from our balcony as we enjoyed a much deserved glass of wine or two.





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