Bath time

Bath time is one part of our daily routine that is (usually) filled with smiles and laughter.

It should be an ideal moment to capture some beautiful images of happy smiling faces.

However, as you can probably imagine, there are a couple of major drawbacks with this as a location for a photo shoot. The poor lighting and confined space of the bathroom are one thing, but the biggest concern is the large amount of water and its proximity to my camera!

Last night I decided to throw caution to the wind and capture some photos; from a safe distance of course.


Bath time is usually around 6.30pm and with the location of the bathroom and adjacent houses, at this time of year we get lovely evening sunlight streaming in through the obscured glass window.  That helps considerably with the otherwise tricky fluorescent lighting options.

To overcome the obstacle of space, I simply removed myself from the bathroom altogether.  This had a number of significant benefits.  Firstly, it provided a natural frame for the shot – the bathroom door.  Secondly, it gave me sufficient distance to shoot at 50mm instead of distorting the images with a wider focal length.  Finally (and probably most importantly) it put me safely out of the splash zone!


One unforeseen drawback to being outside of the bath room was that I immediately became a target for an assortment of bath toys that were lobbed at me, with surprising accuracy I might add!



P.S. Just in case you were concerned, Mum is just out of sight, hidden behind the bathroom wall, so I wasn’t being too irresponsible!





One thought on “Bath time

  1. And you wouldnt have got that great reaching arms shot without a hidden Mum and a removed Dad! 🙂
    Lovely work Rich.. maybe you could do some Bath time bubble ones.. I loved your previous bubble shots!


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