Hand in hand

Over the years I’ve become used to hearing my parents’ friends commenting on how “I’m my father’s son”. I never really used to appreciate it but I now recognise that many of the things that I love doing are also my dad’s passions.

One significant example is photography. I remember as a kid how I used to love seeing my dad with his big camera bag full of exciting looking equipment. Now that I’m a father myself I find myself speaking to my dad more about his relationship with my grandad. It was facinating to hear about how they used to take photographs together and then develop them in the back room of their small flat.

As I’ve become more serious about photography Dad has kindly recovered a number of lenses from the loft that he used to use with my grandad. Obviously things have moved on slightly in the lens world but happily with the help of the Internet we were able to find some adapters that allow me to use the classic lenses with my modern DSLR, although full manual is the only way!

It dawned on me as I took this series of photos that the glass I was looking through had also been looked through by my grandad, and as he would have seen me as a baby with my dad, I was now taking photos of my daughters with my dad by my side. Sadly my grandad passed away long before he ever got to meet his great grandchildren but the lens he photographed his grandchildren with lives on and so does his memory.

This series is called ‘Hand in Hand’ and it’s my effort at showing the connection between generations.




3 thoughts on “Hand in hand

  1. The pictures are heart touching. The sentiment behind this post can be felt.
    This is just so beautiful. I mean really. The pictures are so innocent, loving and full of emotions! 🙂


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