Father’s Day

Monday morning, on the train to the office with rain soaked shirt and soggy trousers, looking at photographs from Father’s Day it seemed impossible it was just yesterday.  What a difference a day makes, especially in England where the British Summer is at its unpredictable best.

One of the things many people love most about taking photos is looking over them and being able to lose yourself in that moment again.  I often judge the images I’ve captured by how strongly it brings back the feelings from the time it was taken.  Sunday was a gloriously sunny day and it’s amazing to almost feel the warmth of the sun again as the grey rain clouds roll past the window.

This week I read an interesting article by Quentin Decaillet about how he measured his improvement as a photographer over the past twelve months.  One thing that particularly stood out for me was the way his selection process had changed and was now less based on emotion and more based on the quality of the images he’d taken.

I’ll definitely be taking on board that the selection process should be based on the technical quality of the photo and not just by any emotional attachment to the scene being shot.  When selecting photos of your own family I think it’s only natural to be lead by the heart, but hopefully the overlap between my technically best shots and the most emotive ones will continue to increase as I use the same techniques for family portraits in both my personal and professional worlds.

My first year celebrating Father’s Day as a father of two was perfectly simple.  I got two beautiful hand made cards.  Our two year old is an all or nothing kind of girl, and she definitely went for the ‘all’ option when it came to the glitter glue and sticky dinosaurs that made my card.  Equally impressive was Eleanor’s effort. At 6 weeks old she managed to do an expert job of creating perfect hand and foot prints in green paint.

Clara and I got to go for our usual Sunday morning swim, followed by a trip to the playground.  On our return we discovered the fridge had been freshly stocked with tasty food ready to go on the BBQ.  I rustled up some of my patented home made burgers and we were in business. Possibly slightly excessive for two adults and toddler but nothing went to waste!

I did make one request for the day, and that of course was to have some time to take some photographs. Getting a shot set up with both the girls together proved impossible but I did ensure that I got some time with both of them to take some individual portraits.





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