For Eleanor’s one month birthday I cemented her name into the family tree, not by registering her birth (we’d actually got that sorted out within a week) but by buying her a white wooden letter E to add to our existing collection of S, R, and C.

With our limited alphabet complete I had a vague effort at creating amusing words. Thankful for the addition of a vowel to our collection I was still a little disappointed that the best I could come up with was CRES. Obviously having another baby and naming them Tony is tempting, but instead I decided to see if I could come up with any other creative uses for the letters.

I had a vision of a photo with all the family holding their respective letters, some individual shots with the letters subtly displayed somewhere in the image, and finally the comical switch up with appropriately confused looks.

As with so many of my creative ventures the execution was somewhat lacking. On my first attempt I managed to capture a single image before Clara decided she had better things to do, which involved me running around the garden.

Eleanor then decided the only possible way to lie was with her head pointing away from me. If I turned her to point the other direction she just turned her head, clearly captivated by the giant letter E next to her.



On day two I had a little more luck and managed to get her face towards the camera, only to then be pounced on by Clara desperate to join in the fun but refusing to go anywhere near the letter C.


When it comes to drawing and painting I realised from a very young age that the part of my brain required to complete these tasks was a little deficient, in fact I’d go as far as saying it was non-existent. This hasn’t been a cause for concern for many years but now that our two year old has taken to art this shortfall is fresh in my mind.
Clara is already better at drawing than I am and I realised just how truly terrible I am when I attempted to draw a kangaroo and it made her laugh out loud. Having a two year old laugh at your art is quite a sobering experience!

The reason I mention this is that by discovering photography I found a way that I too could have an image in my head and then share that image with the world. For anyone that can’t draw you’ve probably felt the frustration of picking up a pen, sketching out what you’re trying to convey only to look down at the paper to discover it appears that a snail has crawled through an inkwell and across the page.

That frustration had suddenly been lifted for me with photography; well it had until the subject of my photographs became mobile. The age old adage of never working with children or animals is starting to make a lot of sense.

As always the weekend went by far too quickly so the full suite of photos will have to wait for another day. Thankfully one of the children is still stationary long enough for me to photograph them so all was not lost.




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