One Hour Photo (shoot)

After what I considered to be a relatively successful first attempt at a photoshoot followed by a failed effort at getting time for a second, I decided persistence was the order of the day and was determined to capture some more formal shots of our beautiful new daughter. 

Where there’s a will there’s a way and I managed to complete what may be a new world record photoshoot – 8 minutes start to finish!

The reason for my brevity was two fold; very limited time and a strong desire to avoid being left with a furious baby! 

Mum had taken daughter number one to the leisure centre which gave me exactly one hour alone with baby. I’d been tasked with giving her a bath so I quickly got to work knowing I’d be able to take advantage of a nice nudey baby to capture some natural shots once we were done.

After a quick splash we started out in the master bedroom wrapped in a large bath towel but as the British summer hasn’t really warmed up yet I decided to relocate to the much warmer conservatory in an effort to keep baby as happy as possible.

A dash downstairs, I grabbed the beanbag and blanket on the way past and also my latest purchase, a lovely soft Italian scarf that may double as a present for my wife if she likes the look of it in the photos!

With the accessories thrown in roughly the right place I got to work. It’s times like this that make me grateful that I’m still true to my mantra of keeping photography simple. That’s largely driven by my limited ability but it does mean that I can be ready to go in next to no time.  


With the clock ticking I knew I couldn’t really get away with attempting too much posing so I really left the little one to do the work for me. As you can probably tell in the photo above she is wide awake but I really like how different this shot is simply by having her head turned away from me; something I wouldn’t have considered had she been fast asleep.

A quick switch from the sofa to the beanbag and I managed to capture this angelic shot.

Of all the staged shots I’ve taken of Eleanor I think this is my favourite.  Despite appearances she’s not actually asleep but I did manage to settle her just long enough to capture this super peaceful pose.

I love how amazingly tranquil she appears which contrasted so drastically to the reality of how I had actually been frantically flying around the house. 

I’m happy to report that she was changed and dressed and back to sleep again just as I heard the keys in the door and everyone else arrived home.



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