Eyes wide open

Sadly getting the time set aside for a second photo shoot during my fleeting stint of paternity leave proved impossible but that didn’t stop me from trying to capture as many images as I could during those first two weeks of Eleanor’s life.

Not having a dedicated time slot for doing another staged photo shoot did have a couple of unexpected benefits. Firstly, it gave me some experience of working under pressure with very limited time. I hope this vaguely represented a time when baby might be having an off day and isn’t quite as cooperative as you’d like.

It also allowed me to capture some more candid shots and to focus on some lifestyle type shots. They’re the type of photos I’m much more comfortable with but trying to capture clean images amongst a landscape of toys, nappies and baby clothes certainly adds a new dimension to the challenge!

Eleanor is really starting to develop her character now and she’s proving to be a very relaxed little lady. For this series of photos I thought it would be nice to capture some awake time instead of the snoozy images I’d taken previously.

I still find it incredible that within just two weeks you can turn from being quite a generic scrunched up new born to a completely unique individual full of expressions and gestures.

My 365 project is well underway, can’t believe we’re up to day 20 already.  In the early days it’s much more easier to come up with new ideas, although new borns do have a rather limited repertoire so some inventiveness is still required!




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