Not long now

10 days overdue with our second baby isn’t quite how my poor wife would have liked to be celebrating her birthday.

Looking on the bright side, this does mean that whilst I’m forever destined to have a very expensive week once a year with everyone else in the household celebrating their birthday within 7 days, at least we won’t have two that have to share their special day (unless number two arrives in the next two hours!).

Not knowing when we might get called away has limited the celebrations somewhat but we still managed to enjoy plenty of cake and presents.


In other news, I’ve just finished reading the excellent “Natural Newborn Baby Photography” by Robin Long.

I can highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in capturing those timeless shots of newborns without any gimmicks, just beautiful natural photography. 

By focusing on a very specific area of photography the book is able to go into a level of detail often missed by those authors trying to teach you everything about everything. Instead it does what it sets out to do and provides an invaluable insight into exactly what is required to take stunning newborn images.

I just can’t wait to meet our next little one and can hopefully capture many special moments along the way.

Not long now!



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