The little things

When I think back to this time two years ago, we were eagerly awaiting the birth of our first baby. Our small London flat was spruced up and ready to receive a new very special guest.

We’d had new carpets laid (in a suitably stain concealing colour), the second bedroom had been redecorated and converted into a nursery, my talented wife had made cute animal print curtains with matching cushions and cot mobile.  I remember bunting hanging over the cot, teddy bears carefully laid out expectantly, and a host of new gadgets adorned the kitchen to assist in preparing the perfect bottle of milk.

I’m not sure if the reality was actually quite this blissful and serene, but it was certainly a lot closer to that than the situation we’re in now.  Sometimes life gets in the way.

Anyone with a toddler will know that they enjoy being the centre of attention and have a habit of taking up a considerable amount of your time (by considerable I mean 100%).  Add in to that a new house that requires modernisation and you end up in a situation that doesn’t lend itself to having a lot of spare time.

Whilst it would be lovely to have a perfectly pristine nursery awaiting the new born on their arrival, this time around practicality and realism has taken precedence.  The cot has been built and is already located in the master bedroom, and the room designated the nursery contains all of the other appropriate elements; these just happen to be piled on the floor waiting to be assembled over the next six months instead of looking like something out of Ideal Home magazine.

Despite appearances, I think we’re in pretty good shape to welcome baby number two into our lives.

This series of photos is my attempt to capture all of the elements of our home lives at this moment – just one week away from our due date.  They don’t show a picture book nursery room, or beautiful house pristine in every way. What they do hopefully show is a home full of love and expectation braced for the arrival of the next addition to our family.





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