Baby bump

At eight and a half months into the pregnancy there is always a chance that baby will make a surprise arrival so we set aside some time yesterday to capture some memories of baby number two before they join us on the outside.

You’d think I’d have had plenty of time to work on locations for this shoot but we actually moved a couple of months back so the new house hasn’t exactly been a prime photo shoot setting since the building work and boxes don’t really lend themselves to the soft peacefulness I was aiming for.

None the less, time stops for no man (or woman) and this beautiful bump is only going to be around for so long. With a little bit of tidying I managed to find two suitably uncluttered backgrounds that had a decent amount of light.

One was in front of a bare brick wall. I liked the way the lines of the brick remain straight whilst the lines on the dress curve around the bump and really hightlight the main feature.

Here’s a couple of my favourite shots from that location.



I used a combination of a few of my favourite actions in Photoshop to alter the colour and lighting.

It was a real novelty having a model that actually remained still whilst taking their photograph, one of the major upsides was that I could frame the shots exactly as I wanted the final image to be so no need to crop! 

The other advantage of photographing someone that has actually agreed to be your subject is that you can take your time and experiment with different settings. It’s so often the way with child photography that the moment really is fleeting and you only get one chance at capturing it, but with an adult in the frame I had all the time I wanted to go full manual, get the reflector out and just enjoy using the camera.

Here’s a shot from the other location where I really had a chance to tweak the lighting until it was exactly as I wanted and I was really pleased with the end result.




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