Fine tuning

So far we’ve looked at the colour and the content of the image, what’s left you might be asking?

With all things in life, less can often be more, and this certainly often holds true for photography.  There are many photographers out there that refuse to use Photoshop as they see it as “cheating”.

I can appreciate the rationale here, and if photography was a sport, then I certainly wouldn’t want some people to have an unfair advantage with performance enhancing tools.  But, as far as I’m concerned photography is an art, or simply something for fun, so if you can get better results, or continue to enjoy a photo you’ve taken for longer because you took the time to edit it on a computer, then go for it!

That doesn’t mean that every photo you take you should be looking to completely change after the event, and as you continue to take more photos then you’ll find you need to make less and less changes as you can achieve the desired results straight out of the camera, but hopefully I’ve already demonstrated that even the smallest of adjustments can make a massive difference to the final image.

Having decided that Photoshop isn’t the work of the devil and you’re permitted to use it, then you can continue on the journey of this photo with me.  Next we’re going to look at fine tuning.



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