Getting your whites right

So, the plan is take this photo of my gorgeous daughter and run through step by step everything I do to it in post processing and see what we end up with!

I’m going to be using Adobe Lightroom Mobile on my iPad to get me started. 

For completeness sake, I imported it from my camera to computer using Lightroom and then set it to sync with the Creative Cloud, and hey presto, here we are.

All of these steps are what is known as a ‘work flow’. You probably already have your own and there really is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as you end up with your photos available wherever you plan on doing your editing.

Once I’ve got an image I’m pleased with and want to take it to a point I’m happy to publish it I begin the editing process.

My first port of call is to tweak the white balance if it didn’t come out quite as I’d hoped in camera. By doing this first I find I know what I’m working with and I don’t go about making any other colour adjustments only to find that I could have warmed it up or cooled it down by simply getting my whites right!

Lightroom offers a selection of presets to help correct for various lighting conditions like sunshine, clouds, tungsten etc. There’s also a selection tool which lets you pick an area of white in the photo and set the colour balance based on that truly being white. In reality digital cameras aren’t perfect at dealing with ‘white’ as its a slightly unusual concept, so you’re probably better off using an area that is slightly grey.

I actually like to take a look how all the treatments change the image as sometimes using a certain preset like sunshine will really add the warmth you’re looking for even if the photo was actually taking inside under a flourecent tube. 

For this shot I settled on cloudy which seemed apt for the subject matter.

Here’s how we’re looking now after this one simple change, and already I think the shot is significantly improved.  See what you think?



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